A calm, positive space
all to myself
a cup of tea
some pickle and leftover roti
was all I thought
I needed
to make me happy.

Until I realised…
it’s myself
I need to get away from,
from time to time.


Sat Janam [Seven Lives]


My first Punjabi poem.
Struggled to translate, and this one emerged:

Seven Lives

Let it not be our prayer

to be together

for eternity.


No, let us not tether

each other’s soul

to infinity and beyond

when you and I, we don’t know

what it wants.
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Snub away the frivolous thought

your demeanour, it reeks of retort

You’re human

not a speck of dirt

Wayward one moment

the other, inert.

I swear I do try

to conform and comply

But in the deep of the night

when the voices go quiet

My resolve is undone

by a call from the wild

And ever so often

I go adrift.

image: peneloperene



My fingers wandering through your soft, cocoa hair

Fears calmed

with stolen kisses on the long of your neck

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a parent’s passing

Befriend the grief,

allow it to fill your lungs

gasping for breath.

Let it reach beyond

that lonely place

in your heart,

and soothe your frayed nerves

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If I were to marry today…

I would say a




ostentatious NO to a lavish punjabi wedding.

Instead, I would steal all of dad’s marriage money…and buy him a world trip.

'Girl swinging in Fall' by KMericks (www.artspreadsjoy.com)

Or, a few more years.

Don’t tell me to stop looking over my shoulder,

that’s where lie the missing pieces of my story.

Artwork: ‘Girl swinging in Fall’ by KMericks



There are days when I feel I could easily fall off the grid and dissolve into oblivion.

What does it mean anyway, to fall off the grid?

Is it possible to live alone, away from all that you’ve known?

Do you feel this way, ever?

Do you know the answers?

Does anyone?